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Get a set of video and filmmaking equipment at a giveaway price now

Get a set of video and filmmaking equipment

Shoot that amazing visual script, video content and film you have always wanted to shoot with a complete set of filmmaking equipment, at an amazingly giveaway price of up to four (4) days.

Yes! All your filming equipment for four (4) days at an unbelievable price.

Here's what is in the bouquet:

  • Two (2) 4k Cameras,
  • Two (2) Stabilizers,
  • Three (3) LED lights,
  • Boom microphone and pole,
  • Tripods for cameras,
  • A Track and Dolly, and of course your... 
  • Cables and Power extention needs.

All that for a giveaway price of two hundred and fifty thousand naira (₦250,000) only.

Are you wondering if it's still negotiable? Call 07086333388 or 08055163046 now and tell us how many days you are interested in negotiating for and you will get a price not available anywhere else.

Call now, 07086333388!


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