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Colour Girl Movie

colour girl preview image

Into the Colour Girl verse! Or rather, into the ColourVerse!

From the outside, maybe this is coming a bit too late. However from the inside, in this part of the world, we are already hearing echoes that this is coming too early. Nigeria they say, isn’t ready for a fantasy, a supernatural; or putting it more simply, a superhero movie.

The Audio-Visual Freaks however thought differently and are going ahead to try out a poorly tested water anyways. Though Colour Girl remains largely an experimental project, it is one that had remained in its cocoon for far too long and we are itchy to see it on a big screen.

What is Colour Girl?

Colour Girl follows the story of a young lady groomed in the church by a repentant ex-service woman in hope she’ll grow to use her superhuman gift to heal the world. A revelation precedes her birth and we hear history has never been wrong”

A pilot mini-series got into pre-production in July, 2019, and is consequently expected to develop into a full blown series in due time. Of course, there’s also the desire in developing feature movies for some of the likable characters with superhuman powers in the pilot series that has become so dear to us in the past few weeks.

Beyond expectations, we keep getting positive reviews of the prospect of the Colour Girl concept from the preview screenplay shared with some fans and we are geared to do more, be more and doing all we can to get the produce on your screen soon, whatever the size of your screen is.


Who is the WE?

We are the Audio-Visual Freaks, the team behind MediumNG and every Medium initiative and projects, which now include the Colour Girl series pilot and an upcoming day|gazers movie. Audio-Visual Freaks is the team name of in-house professionals at Medium Nigeria Media Company.


Who are we working with?

A production crew led by the Audio-Visual Freaks is already in place working tirelessly to ensure Colour Girl leaves the script phase into production. We however are still expecting more professionals to signup soon.

We also partnered with HOT Creations and May7tin, at the time which has since been exited, to make this dream transcend into graphic images. More support is always welcomed has we progress into production proper.

Being an experimental project that it is, we are hoping to engage and amass as much resources as we can muster to ensure quality, breathtaking and prompt delivery of the project. The farther it can soar, the further it can reach over the seven seas.


Why an experimental project?

Experimental in that, Colour Girl is treading a path only a few, if any, have come out unscarred in the Nigerian movie industry. We are not aiming to tell another superman’s story but to tell the African story in the African way from a modern perspective. We undoubtedly can achieve this feat but it would be much easier with your help. Come on our journey to discovery, join our movement to dreamland, be part of our story to write our part in history.


Who else is on board?

Casting for Colour Girl to be announced soon. Think you have the skills for the big screen and to heal the world…? Send us a mail!

Endeavour to follow MediumNG social handle @ for regular updates and you should also follow the #colourgirlmovie hashtag to follow our progress across all platforms.

Colour Girl is coming soon…


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We hope to hear from you soon.