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Beyond, A Short Movie

Beyond is a war memoir detailing the events of the last moments of a fatherless family escaping a war zone in search of haven. They hope haven is closer than they thought but again, a teen, a five years old and their mother is all that is left of an entire settlement decimated by war.

With a cast led by Miss Felicia @felz_simi_ and 5 years old Nathaniel while armed blood-drunk men remained on their tail, we are about to find out who the last survival is going to be.

Colour Girl Movie

Into the Colour Girl verse! Or rather, into the ColourVerse!

From the outside, maybe this is coming a bit too late. However from the inside, in this part of the world, we are already hearing echoes that this is coming too early. Nigeria they say, isn’t ready for a fantasy, a supernatural; or putting it more simply, a superhero movie.