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Screenplays, Consulting and Story Development

Screenplays, Consulting and Story Development

A movie is not just about the visual, but engaging your audience psychologically, emotionally and where necessary both physically and subconsciously. Undeniably, a quality screenplay is the definite backbone to attaining that. Engaging Medium NG ensures you are a step closer to that backbone.

A good screenplay make a good movie and a great movie most definitely has an exceptional screenplay.

Medium scripting service

Talk to Medium NG what you think is essential in a screenplay for you.

Films and storytelling in the Nigerian Movie industry is not what it used to be, and has seen tremendous improvement in recent years. However, the industry is still far from where it should be and Medium NG is rightly contribution her quarter with outstanding storytelling team of impressive resumés. Maybe that story idea of yours might just be the next blockbuster.

Medium film script

Medium NG do not just show but set the pace. Let's help you make that story idea a reality; connect and you can setup an appointment with a Medium NG screenwriter.

These and more are what we can help you with:

  • Turn and fine-tune your idea into an outstanding screenplay for a movie (story development).
  • We work with you as consultant while you work on your screenplay yourself.
  • Upgrade your novel or book, written story or journel, documentary and/or presentation into a screenplay or movie script.

Setup an appointment with Medium NG now.