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Social Media Marketing & Publicity

Social Media Marketing & Publicity

Social media marketing basically creates awareness for your brand or product with appropriate tools such as videos, graphics etc, to reach your potential clients.

While we all have one way or the other engaged in social media marketing, like advertising and sharing contents, skills, products, services and so on, on our social media pages; targeted media campaign is required for impressive customer turnover, and when need be, customer loyalty.

If all you need is a few likes from your friend-list on social platforms,

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we are certain you have that covered already. However, if you need a competitive edge, we would sure offer in return "The Competitive advantage" your business need.

baby wear

Here we go. Let's assume you have an emerging or new product...

Let's assume that product to be Baby wears, and of course you need to tell your potential client about this amazing new product of yours;

  • So, assuming you are already familiar with social media platforms and your need for it, which of course is very important in this era. However, you also need to know there are over 3 billion social media users across the globe.

3 billion? Yes and that figure keeps rising on a daily basis.

  • Except you are starting up a social media platform of your own, realistically, less than 1% of those social media users are actually your potential clients.

That 1% is 10 million people. Get the gist?

  • If we break this down further, of the potential 10 million clientele of your baby wear:
    • 90% or more are going to be females,
    • At least 75% of these females are going to be between age 21 and 45,
    • And statistically, over 55% of those are going to be between age 25 and 35. 

Hope you follow?

where we come in

Social media takes study, precision and technical-know-how of your product, market and/or niche to maximize the performance of your media marketing; and of course, your expected returns. This is where Medium NG comes in.

You can get a free professional media marketing advice now.

Or... perhaps, yours is an existing product(s) and you need to improve your sales performance? Well, setup an appointment with us at Medium NG and let's take care of the detail and promote your product efficiently.

What if what you actually need is terrestrial publicity like placing your advert on radio and television stations? We have you covered in that area too.

Just setup an appointment now.